We're about to spill the beans...

After traveling full time for 2 years on a shoestring budget, we are finally spilling the beans for how we've been able to "Travel Hack" our way around the world!

Explore the Course

    1. Introduction

    2. How This Course Will Work

    3. The Travel Mistakes We Made Early On

    4. The #1 Mistake Travelers Make

    1. How We Find the Cheapest Flights

    2. How we saved $1,200 EACH on our flights AND got to visit an additional country

    3. Reverse Engineer Your Flight Path to save THOUSANDS $$$

    4. Automatically Get Notified About Cheap Flights and Mistake Fares

    5. How to Avoid Paying for Baggage

    6. Why We Never Pay to Reserve a Seat

    7. When You Should Stock Up on Flights

    8. Flexibility is Key in Booking Flights

    9. Should You Take Your Kids Out of School to Travel?

    1. An Introduction to Points Based Travel

    2. How To Book A $10,000 FIRST CLASS Ticket For $95

    3. Personalized Help Getting Started with Points Based Travel Hacking

    4. Something To Keep In Mind Regarding Points Based Travel

    1. How We Book Accommodation and Get Discounts on Airbnb

    2. Airbnb Vs Hotels. Which is ACTUALLY Cheaper.

    1. Car Rental Hacking to save 75%

    2. Avoiding Car Rental "Scams"

    3. Which Car You Book Matters

    4. Alternatives to Traditional Car Rentals

    5. How to Lease a BRAND NEW Car for 1/3 the Price of Renting

    6. Should I Even Rent a Car?

    7. Avoid Taxi Scams

    1. Avoiding ATM and Foreign Transaction Fees

    2. Leveraging Travel Geoarbitrage to your Advantage

    3. How to Slow Travel for ~$700/month

    4. How You Can Be PAID to Travel (no social media following necessary)

    5. Parking Hack to Avoid Paying for Airport Parking

About this course

  • 59 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content
  • Learn how we book international flights for less than $10
  • Learn how to book FIRST CLASS Flights for $95
  • Learn how we save thousands on accommodation, car rentals, flights, experiences and more.

Travel does NOT have to be expensive

Get out and see the world... without breaking the bank. Learn how we have been able to travel full-time for less than we used to spend living in Ohio.